Welcome to Arkinfell

The northern most province of the Valerian Empire, and the last stretch of untamed land on the continent of Arlond.

Several decades have passed since the mass exodus of the Dwarfs from the northern reaches of Arkinfell, and much of the realm has fallen to the dark creatures that have claimed the old dwarven halls. In response to the encroaching threat, the Empire created the Arkengarde as part of Arkinfell’s Guild Confederacy to train hunters and fighters to reclaim the lost lands of the North.

Years have gone by and the Arkengarde’s campaign against the beasts has come to a standstill. So the stage is set for our heroes, three travelers coming from afar to join the ranks of the Arkengarde. Their path ahead is wrought with danger and mystery, but maybe they will finally discover the dark secret hidden beneath the northern mountains.

Only time will tell…

Character Creation

House Rules

Reclaiming the North

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