Character Creation

First Character

For the majority of character creation, you can follow the steps listed on page 11 of the Player’s Handbook. The only exceptions are listed here:

  • When rolling for ability scores, you may roll 3 sets of 6 stats and pick the set you prefer for your character’s abilities
  • There is some deep seeded racism amidst the Empire, so some races may interact with the world differently than you might expect. If you have questions feel free to reach out to me
  • Make sure to choose a background as it gives your character a lot more versatility. If none of the backgrounds make sense for your character, feel free to work with me on making a new one

Additionally, if you decide to write a backstory for your character, which is highly recommended, there are only two requirements that I would like everyone to follow:

  • Have at least one unaccomplished goal, or an amount of unfinished business that you left prior to starting your adventure
  • Have your backstory finish with your character heading to Gandiholm to join the Arkengarde

Every Character After First

If your character happens to die, you can follow the same process as above when creating a new character. The only thing that’s different is that you start one level lower than the lowest level character of the party


Reclaiming the North Zerand