House Rules

Write History

When you consult your memory about something, make a history check. On a high result, the DM will tell you something interesting and useful about what you asked. On a medium result, the DM will only tell you something interesting—it’s up to you to make it useful.

You can write history any time you want to search your memory for knowledge or facts about something. The knowledge you get is like consulting a bestiary, travel guide, or library. You get facts about the subject matter. On a high result the DM will show you how those facts can be immediately useful, on a medium result they’re just facts.

On a miss the DM’s move will often involve the time you take thinking. Maybe you miss that goblin moving around behind you, or the tripwire across the hallway. It’s also a great chance to reveal an unwelcome truth.

Just in case it isn’t clear: the answers are always true, even if the DM had to make them up on the spot. Always say what honesty demands.


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