The Province of Arkinfell

The northern most province of the Empire. Arkinfell is divided into two main geographic areas, the Stoneshield Pennisula in the North and the Skelifell Tundra in the South. Amidst the northern mountains, ancient dwarven holds are found – filled to the brim with ancestral treasure and dark secrets. In the South, Imperial cities span across the tundra, all the way from the Evenshard Ocean in the West to the Sea of Souls in the East.

Much of the travel in Arkinfell works along it’s major highway, the Silver Road, which runs from the port city of Arirbyr up along the outside of the Braken Bay through Gandiholm, Validivik, Karemdun, and finally ending in Den Kuldur.

In the South, Arkinfell is bordered by two other provinces – Silver Rock which lies across the Silverpeak Mountains and Orost which sits on the other side of the Sevran River.


The Dwarven Holds

Major Imperial Cities

Free Cities of Arkinfell

Smaller Cities of Arkinfell


Reclaiming the North Zerand